«Superellipse series»
2017, Carved Guatemala marble,
Table H: 740mm W: 810mm D: 810mm,
Stool H: 450mm W: 410mm D: 410mm,
Manufactured in South Korea.

«Superellipes series» is a composition of matte finished white marble furnitures including stool, table. Within the concept of simplicity, only extensioned, reductioned, repeated Superellipes shapes were used.

What is a really simple life?
People spend money and buy things. Yesterday and today’s trend is different, and tomorrow’s future is hard to predict. Everyone in a rapidly changing world consumes more than they actually need. I live with more than I really need to have too. So what is the purpose of consumption and ownership? Ultimately to be happy. Get satisfaction, get joy, relieve stress. It is the way to go on the path of happiness.

But, did I really be happy?
Consumption for happiness led to an unfortunate result that things, not people, became the subjects of life. Therefore, we propose furniture with the most primitive material, minimal form, and necessary functions, and try to reconsider the importance of little possession and simple life.

Factory Shots
fac1 fac2 fac3 fac4 fac5 fac6 fac7 Studio Shots
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fac1 fac2 fac3 fac4 fac5 fac6 fac7 studio1 studio1 studio1 studio1